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LePantalon is committed to promoting a more sustainable form of fashion, this the very principle of our business model. The word "seasonal collection" is not part of our vocabulary.

We are only too aware that the textile industry is the second-largest producer of pollution in the world. Our team is full of dedicated individuals, and that is why we are keen to play our part in changing the trend. Actions speak louder than words.

Commitments and emergencies

Ever since our company was created, we have prioritised a number of objectives year after year without taking any shortcuts.
We have never deviated from our ambition of offering a sustainable form of fashion that respects human rights and protects the environment.
Check out our commitments:

Commitment 1

Since 2014, we have offered a single collection of permanent products.

Our trousers are a must-have for the wardrobe, so it is only normal that they are available all year round.

This commitment goes against traditional fashion practices and allows us to avoid the problem of overproduction caused by the infernal rate of launching new collections every season.

Commitment 2

In 2020, we are completing our offer with one-off pre-orders. The difference with our range of permanents: anticipation.

More unique, more technical, more seasonal, we offer you different trousers, you order, we produce on the basis of your orders, for a result: 0 waste. To be patient is to be greener.

Use natural fabrics

Commitment 3

Cotton, wool and linen: 97% of the materials that we use are of natural origin, but we are determined to go even further.

Local production

Commitment 4

1583 is the average number of kilometres between our European workshops and you.

We have chosen to maintain our production facilities in Europe, so that we can avoid all air travel, reduce our CO2 emissions and thereby protect our beautiful planet, all of which while leveraging the best expertise.

Work with committed and certified partners

Commitment 5

We take the greatest care when selecting our partners.

In addition to delivering exemplary environmental performance and offering faultless working conditions for employees, their production facilities are also subject to EU standards and BCI, Oeko-Tex and GOTS certification, which are currently the best schemes available.

The fabric mill for our chinos is located in the heart of a nature reserve and functions according to a closed loop system, especially for treating dye water.

Provide advice

Commitment 6

There are also environmental reasons for enhancing our customer service. We encourage you to ask for advice on making the right choices the first time. It may not cost you anything to return products, but our planet ultimately pays the price, so it is better to avoid returns wherever possible.

We have a dedicated team available to provide all the necessary advice and guidance for your purchases.

A simple call can go a long way.

Commitment 7

When you have a passion, you want it to reach as many people as possible. That is our ambition when it comes to trousers. As our brand grows, we are extending our range of sizes, so that everyone can find their dream model.

To help you picture your future look, we have developed an innovative tool in our product data sheets. You can choose the body shape for modelling your trousers.

Commitment 8

True to our philosophy of marketing a range of permanent products that are designed to last and which are sold at the right price all year round, we do not participate in sales, special offers and Black Friday events.

We do not have any excess inventory or unsold products that we need to get rid of, so there is no waste, which is better for our planet.

Minimise packaging

Commitment 9

When you buy a product, the thing that matters to you is the actual product. The least that you can expect from an eco-friendly brand is to give you the choice of receiving your order without any packaging.

If you choose the zero packaging option, you will not get a pretty box, silk paper or flyers. All you will get is your product in a recycled and recyclable pouch.

Commitment 10

Continuing our journey towards ever more sustainable fashion.

After the success of our first range of 100% eco-responsible jeans, made from organic or recycled cotton, the time has come for standardisation.

Eventually, all our trousers and accessories will be developed with the same objective in mind, in order to combine style and the preservation of our resources.

Commitment 11

A life after your legs, that's the name of our recycling operation, in association with Le Relais: we offer to give a second life to your trousers.

Two collection points in each of our stores: drop off your trousers - whatever their brand - and receive a voucher.

The benefits: encourage recycling, preserve our planet's resources, create jobs in Le Relais sorting centres, and encourage social integration.

Our objectives

Setting goals and never resting on its laurels is the hallmark of a passionate brand. We are always striving to go one step further. We are not perfect, but we are doing everything in our power to achieve perfection. Check out what is going to change in the weeks ahead.

Become 100% sustainable

Objective 1

Offer our customers only products that are designed from materials that are 100% organic or fully recycled from vegan or recycled accessories, as well as fabrics made from plastic bottles salvaged from the ocean.

Eliminate plastic

Objective 2

Find an alternative to plastic for the polybags used to package our products when travelling between our workshops and our logistics centre.

We are already trialling an alternative.

Reduce travel

Objective 3

Manufacturing our products as close as possible to our customers reduces travel and therefore curbs our CO2 emissions, all of which while safeguarding our expertise and the level of detail and quality that goes into our products.

The first prototypes are underway.

Give products a second lease of life

Objective 4

Strive to give our products a second lease of life and come up with solutions to avoid throwing them away.

Recycling, reuse, hire programmes, clothing with a deposit scheme… such are the ideas blossoming in each of our minds.

Do you have any ideas?

We need you

Feel free to let us know as we strive towards a more sustainable form of fashion!

We have even prepared a few questions for you.

★★★★★ 4.7/5 - Customer reviews
Free returns and delivery from 150€ of purchase!
★★★★★ 4.7/5 - Customer reviews
Free returns and delivery from 150€ of purchase!