Expertise in trousers

Featuring timeless styles and premium materials, our trousers are designed to withstand the test of time.

Our aims are simple: namely offering a wide choice of high-quality models.

We are intent on setting the gold standard when it comes to trousers.

To achieve that ambition

And use the necessary expert skills, we go straight to the source by working alongside Europe's leading workshops. We are firm believers that excellence cannot be rushed, which involves taking time over the design, testing the products and thinking about every single detail and colour, so that nothing is left to chance.

Obsessed with offering the right price

At LePantalon, you will never hear us talk about sales or special offers.

Our pricing policy does not play by the traditional rules in the textile market. We are committed to cutting out the middleman and consistently keeping our costs under control, so that we can offer you the fairest prices all year round for high-quality trousers that you can wear over and over again.

Our philosophy is just as simple as the name of our brand.

Champions of sustainable fashion

Our trousers are manufactured according to best traditional practices and especially in compliance with human rights and environmental obligations in our workshops within the European Union. Our trousers promote a more sustainable form of fashion that is light years away from the disposable clothing trend.

By marketing a single collection of permanent models and one-off pre-orders, we can avoid any overproduction issues, sales, unsold items and destroyed articles. We are obsessed with eliminating waste and minimising our environmental footprint. Every action counts and so does every mile. That is why we strive to reduce the distance between you and our trousers.

Inspired by your legs

We are determined to do justice to your enthusiasm and allow our brand to grow at your side. When it comes to creating products that will be worn frequently and for years to come, you are clearly our main inspiration.

To fulfil that aim, we use all the tools available to collect your feedback, your doubts and your requests. That is how we design, prototype and fine-tune our trousers to reach an uncompromising result, i.e. a model that you will consistently enjoy just as much as we do.

Do you know you've got nice legs?

Our trousers are designed to create a match made in heaven with your legs. They will accompany you during all the adventures in everyday life. Tell us about your adventures with a photo or a couple of words, because we are all for giving you a leg up in the world.

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