That's the purpose of our 7 iconic, phenomenally successful jeans, which are making their comeback: to bring out the best in you, to resist the test of your fast-paced lives. Facing your daily life is good. Getting through the years with you is even better. It is the least we can expect from a timeless, to be your special partner.

Each one has its own character, which increases as much as the number of women you are. Depending on who wears them, none of these 7 jeans will look the same.

He is a color, a cut, a detail, a character, a jean. You are a citizen, an entrepreneur, a student, a mother, a partner, a talent, a sister, a warrior, a woman. You may be none of that, but you surely have a story to tell with one of our 7 jeans.

This is the experience that Emilie and Paloma, two versatile working girls and don't count their hours, have accepted to lead. We met them around two or three coffees, they talked about what makes their daily life, the prerequisites of a good jean to face it. They chose two each. One thing is sure, they inspired us a lot.


Between two trains from Brussels to Paris, two nights at the Hoxton Paris, and a few photos in which she chose to wear our Girlfriend and Carrot Jeans: Emilie talked to us about her very simple relationship with fashion and her entrepreneurial soul. All this, of course, with a macchiato in her hands.

Hi Emilie! Where do you spend most of your time?

I live in Brussels, it's a very welcoming city, green, trendy, it's not stressful at all! I lived in Paris for 4 years. Today I go there at least twice a month for work and to see my father who lives there. It's really my second city.

What are your jobs or activities?

I’m an entrepreneur. I founded Thea Jewelry, a custom-made and ethical jewelry brand 10 years ago. This adventure also led me to launch a dedicated podcast 2 months ago: "Stories and stone". I launched an IGTV channel on Instagram called "Inspire" in which I exchange every Friday with with atypical backgroung people. And finally, I’m a digital coach for young start-ups: it's my initial formation.

What does entrepreneurship mean to you?

It's part of my upbringing, it's a natural thing to do.

Before, I worked with my family in an entrepreneurial spirit, so it was obvious to have my own project. In fact, it was a need. A need to create.

How do you manage your personal life with such a rhythm?

As simple as possible. I don't ask myself too many questions, my life is like that: I live at 100 km/h and that's how I am happy. My days are never the same, and I juggle between the activities, the 3 kids and time for myself. I always save the weekends for my family life, it’s absolutely crucial.

What causes are important to you?

I'm a mother so I'm sensitive to everything that is related to children. I'm an ambassador for Memisa Belgium, an NGO that fights against maternal and infant mortality.

I was a volunteer for Make a Wish, an association that grants wishes to children aged between two and a half and eighteen who are or have been seriously ill. Finally, I often speak out on violence in general: verbal, sexual, psychological: the subject is highly charged.

According to you, what is the most important quality of a Jean?

I just want it to be comfortable.

If you had to wear it with an outfit?

I'm quite "sweatshirt and sneakers", I bet on the comfortable to move as I want, all day long! It's really my style. At night, I like to add a nice vintage jacket, but I always keep my sneakers. I've really stopped bothering with heels. For accessories I wear a lot of small discreet jewelry.

Why did you choose the girlfriend Jean?

It fits exactly to my everyday look. I wear it very often, it is very comfortable and a bit streetwear, even if I don't define my style as such.

Two words about the carrot Jean?

I like its very assumed look, the seam on the front and obviously the back! It is very easy to wear it with high top sneakers: perfect for a party!




Emilie Duchêne

Founder of Thea Jewelry

Emilie's selection


Paloma is in conquered ground: Paris is her city and Jeans are her addiction. We talked about her commitment, her relationship and the qualities she considers essential for a good jean. She chose the straight raw Jean and the flare ecru Jean. Meeting.

Hello Paloma, which are the places are special to you?

Paris is clearly my hometown! My HQ is Montmartre, it's the neighborhood of my last 10 years. I also lived in New York for 2 years, it's kind of my second home.

Paris and you, it seems to be a beautiful story?

I’m immersed in the energy of Paris. In one day in this city, you can go through 1000 stories, 1000 energies. It's a city that has something very authentic that can't be explained but that I feel in all the places I like to go. I never live the same day twice.

What are your jobs?

I'm above all an actress, I also did photography for a long time and lately, I created an association to help families in need.

Can you tell us more about this association?

I've always liked to take care of others. This association is Mam Collecte Solidaire, the idea is to bring a little bit of sweetness to moms in trouble. For that I organize collections.

Is it important to be engaged?

Extremely. Of course I contribute to charities that I care about, but mostly I try to talk to people in the street, to give a smile to someone who needs it. To be committed, in my opinion, is also that. In the end, when you're doing good for others, you' re doing good for yourself.

So your positivity is really rock solid?

No, of course not. But I try to tell myself that in front of me, there is someone with his background, his story. When I don't connect with someone, I simply tell myself that their story is not compatible with mine. I hold on to the things that make me happy: children, animals, nature, food, life.

How does your personal life fit in with such a busy lifestyle?

When my day starts, I'm on autopilot! I drop my son at the nursery, I do my sport and I leave for appointments. It allows me to walk a lot, I love to do everything while walking, music in my ears! Finally, it's a precious time for me. It stimulates my creativity, I feel alive.

Let's talk about rags: what do you expect from a Jean?

First of all, I have to say it: I ONLY wear jeans. It's my passion. I find them very feminine, very elegant, very streetwear, very comfortable. A jean says a lot about a personality. I even think that it can define a person. With one pair of jeans you can be many people at the same time, and I love this idea.

How did you choose between our 7 Jeans?

First of all, you have to find the right jeans for your body type. We girls (and a lot of guys too) are never happy with our body. But there is ALWAYS a jean cut that fits us, it was created for that. The two models I chose, fit my look perfectly: they go as well with boots as with sneakers. And they fit my body shape: they are high-waisted and I only wear them. I chose a black and a white model because they go with everything, everywhere, all the time!

For an evening in jeans, what is your outfit?

At any time of the day, I'm a fan of jeans, tee-shirt and jacket. When I go out or when I'm hosting I don't overdo it, I take out my cute heeled boots. We may have created all the dresses in the world, but there will never be anything sexier than a nice jean.




Paloma Coquant

Actress and founder of Mam Collecte Solidaire

Paloma's selection
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Free returns et delivery from 30€ of purchase!
New payment method: 2 or 3x payment without fees!
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